Author Coaching 

Why Author Coaching? 

I've always had a passion for words. Growing up, I heard so many stories from my mom and dad about my love of reading. I never wanted to play with dolls, as some little girls do - I wanted words. Coaching authors, grants me the amazing opportunity to work with words everyday by helping ordinary individuals, such as yourself, to release their core message.  

Book Writing

Strategy Session

After you have booked your consultation with me - your next step is to purchase the one-hour Book Writing Strategy Session. 

During our time together, you and I will sit down and organize the following: 


 - Title for your book

 - Outline/Framework

 - Writing Schedule to ensure you reach your publishing deadline.   

Session can be in-person or virtual. 

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Get Write and Get Published:

Pen & Publish Your Book in 90 Days or Less

Remember in my introduction when I said it took me four years to publish my debut novel? What if I told you in these last years, I have mastered the learning curve, so much that I have developed a specific methodology that helps you write, release and publish your story in 90 days or less? 

Together, you and I will work together to establish a coaching plan that is tailored to your needs, develop the outline/framework for your book, weekly accountability plan, author coaching, upload to the Amazon platform...AND editing? Considering the value, wouldn't you jump on it? I thought so too! 

Go ahead and schedule your consultation today!